• Leonard Tunnel Finisher - Second Hand

Leonard Tunnel Finisher - Second Hand

The IM Series from Leonard Automatics is an easy to use tunnel finisher that will reduce your pressing demands by allowing most garments to pass directly from the washer or drycleaning machine to the tunnel. This will greatly reduce your dependence upon expensive and unreliable manual pressing. Stainless steel constructed twist conveyor eliminates corrosion and ensures long life. - Insulated wall panel design - Digital Temp. Control - Proximity sensor controlled steam injection - Steam injection from the sides and bottom up - Variable speed conveyor control - Control box can be located to fit your needs - All components located external to the finisher for ease of maintenance - 12 months parts & labour warranty - Made in the USA - Stock image used. Not actual item Price excludes GST, installation and Delivery
  • $29,995.00